Xerox DMO: Sales Training

“ClearEdge’s unique training methods helped build the confidence of the DMO sales teams and increase their productivity while helping them compete more effectively.” Valerie Thomassin, SVP, Integrated Marketing Organization Xerox Europe

Problem: Covering 140 countries the Xerox Developing Markets Organization (DMO) had the challenge of maintaining and growing the sales skills, knowledge and ability of a hugely diverse set of Production Group sales reps. The strength of Xerox’s competition was increasing, and it was therefore vital that the confidence of all these sales reps be maintained in order that their efforts enabled them to continue to beat the competition.

Solution:  The DMO leadership team engaged ClearEdge to build two courses, one for Production Group sales reps and one for iGen Tigers, a specialist sales team. These two and three day “Confidence to Compete” courses covered not just all the traditional hardware products, but also how to use the Xerox FreeFlow workflow products and the Profit Accelerator business development tools to help sell high end print engines and presses. At the same time, the training was geared to help change the behavior of the sales reps to better leverage Xerox’s other value propositions for production printing, increase their awareness of Xerox’s overall competitiveness, and build confidence.

Posted by Linda Jackson