Why Rebrand?

Build a new brand identityMaybe it’s a sign of the times, but many of the SMB companies we talk to are interested in rebranding. The basic identity that someone’s nephew put together for them when they started their company just isn’t cutting it anymore. The bargain website / brochure-ware that did the trick when they “just needed to get something up on the web” has outgrown its usefulness.

At any rate, your company has grown up – and so should your brand. So, where do you start?

Finding a good design team and communicating design requirements is not for the faint of heart. For those not rooted in the design business – it can be overwhelming. As much as the pony-tail crowd loves them, many of our executive friends quickly lose patience with the “if you were a car, what would you be?” kind of questions that form the basis of a creative brief. The subjective nature of design complicates the process – and you need to find a good partner to help you get beyond “I don’t like blue” without driving you crazy.

And then there’s whole collaboration process. You want everyone in the company to love the new identity – but it’s impossible to design by committee without ending up looking like, well, something that was designed by committee. Someone will have the final say – and not everyone will love it. But most will, and the rest will eventually come around.

If you’re ready to take the leap, you need professional help. Yes, it will cost you. But paying for know-how saves time and grief – and a talented team will help ensure that your raison d’etre is accurately reflected in your corporate identity. From the creative brief, to sketches, to wire-frames and launch, an experienced and trusted advisor can be a good spirit guide on this creative journey.

We always tell our clients that luckily, no one ever dies from marketing. While rebranding might feel like a life-or-death decision – a thoughtfully created and well-designed effort wins hearts and minds. Done right, it can kick-start your business. And make you, the business owner, feel like a grown-up.

So don’t let your tired, old brand hold you back. Let us know if we can help – for this week only, we’re offering one free idea to anyone who asks!

Posted by Linda Jackson