Visual Design Helps Cut Through the Noise

Creating a great product launch campaign is always a challenge. Making it work globally and across sales channels adds extra complexity. Getting the sales force to pay attention is the holy grail. Impossible? We think not.

When one of our clients came to us looking for a fun and interesting campaign that could roll out globally and appeal to a broad demographic range of direct and channel sales reps, we came back with a new twist on an old medium.

Our solution? A comic book series. Comic books are universal – familiar to everyone, with minimal text that makes translation easy and affordable. Our client agreed that this was a compelling way to get the message out. Fun and interesting? You bet.

We created a super-hero that possessed all the attributes of the new product – strong, versatile and ready to tackle any challenge. In a series of communication pieces to the field, our hero pointed the way to new sales tools and messaging, highlighted vertical market solutions and showcased a variety of early customer success stories with real world examples from the field.

The program was global in distribution and the comic book format was appealing to that client’s sales force demographic. The individual episodes were distributed digitally, translated into multiple languages and optimized for mobile device viewing. Each episode ended with a call to action that included links to sales tools, asset repositories or other collateral. Engagement numbers were extraordinary. The campaign was both fun and effective!

We’re not suggesting that a comic book is right for everyone. But looking for new ways to use visual design to communicate with your sales organization helps cut through the noise – and might just turn your tired old launch plan into an idea with impact!

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Posted by Linda Jackson