The Power of Playbooks

The Power of PlaybooksPlaybooks get a lot of airtime these days. There are many good reasons why – playbooks can be a great way to introduce new processes, reinforce messages, provide coaching, and get everyone on the same page. If you’ve decided that a playbook is right for your organization, there are a few things you should consider:

  1. What’s your story? – Playbook content needs to get and hold the attention of today’s typical multi-tasking, overworked, sales professional. The story should be presented as an engaging narrative with a beginning, middle and end – and written in a tone that suits your audience.
  2. Show and tell – Adding images, diagrams, info graphics and other visual elements to your playbook will add interest, increase retention and make your playbook a more compelling read. Good design matters. It’s worth investing in professional design to produce a quality piece.
  3. Form follows function – Playbooks can be produced in many formats, from simple documents, to fully interactive micro-sites or apps, to fully automated systems that integrate with your CRM system. Do what is right for your situation. A hard copy handout is great for a kick-off event, but if your team is fully mobile – an optimized electronic version is best. The decision on form should always be driven by end user needs, preferences, and capabilities.

If playbooks are new to your organization, it’s also a good idea to test drive your first one as a pilot project with a few key players. Getting input from the both the leadership team and the field as you perfect the content will increase the chances that your final version will be readily adopted. Tie your content to value propositions and strategic objectives, and as much as possible, add examples and success stories to make it real.

A well written and well-designed playbook helps equip your organization for success. Done right, playbooks can be an important component of your sales and marketing enablement strategy.

If a well designed playbook will work for you, let us know. We’ve got a ton of great ideas – with impact!

Posted by Linda Jackson