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Are you looking at me?

There are countless analogies that describe sales people as hunters. Actually, selling is less about pointing a weapon at a single visible target, and more about finding unknown customers that exist in the depths of the market. Like fishing. Landing a new customer requires many of the same activities as landing a big catch. Here’s Read more

Companies of all sizes, across all industries, know that the content they produce, publish and make available to customers and prospects is a key component of audience engagement. Original content on your website and in your collateral shows expertise, shares good ideas and if done right, creates a competitive advantage in your market. That’s the Read more

It’s important to think about how components of your integrated marketing strategy can help move a prospect from first touch to engagement through increased awareness. You need to forget what you learned as a kid and do a better job of talking to strangers. A name (someone on a list), becomes a contact (who knows Read more