Success Should be Shared

How much of your new sales revenue comes from a few great reps?

Every sales team has them, sales superstars who consistently lead the pack to create opportunities and close new business. You want to create more like them, but how can you transfer that know-how and create a larger cast of action-oriented star players?

Peer to peer success stories are a great way to showcase these achievements and educate the rest of the team on repeatable processes and best practices. And what better way to package these than a Peer to Peer Success Story Playbook?

These playbooks can include instructions, talk tracks, key questions and stories about what worked in different situations. They provide recognition for your best reps and promote team spirit in a shareable and referenceable format and will become a valuable asset when you on-board new reps.

A great starting point is to transform your current customer case studies. Interview the sales reps that led the sales efforts and ask how they conducted the sale.

  • How did they determine who the key decision maker was?
  • What were the competitive threats?
  • How did they overcome them?
  • What key questions did they ask?
  • What advice do they have for other reps?

You can also use this story creation exercise to create opportunities to keep in touch with your customers post-sale. Ask them to share what they feel was most effective in helping them make their decision to do business with your company. There’s nothing like a customer perspective to reinforce your message.

Peer to peer success story playbooks should tie to your established sales process. Finding a suitable success story to illustrate each step in the process can do wonders to reinforce your sales strategy in an informative and useful way. Be sure to integrate the information with your CRM whenever possible and include links to all relevant sales tools and forms.

You will find that Peer to Peer Success Story Playbooks can be a powerful way to reinforce sales strategy and keep your sales teams focused on big picture goals – and a faster path to revenue growth.

If you showcase peer to peer successes in your organization we’d love to hear your story. Or, if you want to develop Peer to Peer Success Stories of your own, ClearEdge can help.

Posted by Linda Jackson