Success Breeds Success For Sales

Success Breeds Success for SalesMany companies kick off the New Year with new strategies, new offerings and new sales objectives. These directives often require a change in behavior on the part of the sales team – new ways to spend time and new ways to interact with customers.

It can be overwhelming for a sales person – but the sooner these new behaviors become the norm, the quicker a sales organization will make their numbers and meet their objectives.

Most organizations do a pretty good job of getting the message out when they kick off the year. Live and virtual events provide training and coaching on what’s expected. But these high level messages can get lost in the noise. It’s all too easy for sales people to default back to what’s worked in the past once they hit the ground in their territories. But some will embrace the new and run with it. Smart sales leaders look for early successes and cascade them to the rest of the team.

These peer-to-peer success stories are best presented from a sales point of view and take a different approach from an external case study. They should focus on things like:

  • Decision makers and hot buttons
  • Presentation and proposal details
  • Sales tools and resources used

Peer-to-peer success stories showcase what the top performers are doing and inspire the rest of the sales team to try it for themselves. Maybe it’s time to look for the early adopters in your organization and turn them into super heroes.

For ideas on how to make this happen for your team, just ask. We’ve got a full supply of capes and masks.

Posted by Linda Jackson