Strategy vs. Execution

For most companies, strategy is the easy part. Either you have a team of smart executives who have a vision and know what needs to be done to put it into play – or you’ve paid a smart consulting company to help figure it out. You’ve established high level goals and clearly defined the tactical actions necessary to bring your vision to life.

But now the hard part…

It all comes down to execution – and that’s not up to the executives or the consultants. This critical component lies with the people who get things done – marketers, inside sales teams, front line sales people, channel partners and customer service organizations. What these people say and do, every day, to deliver products and services to your customers can make or break the success of your strategy.

If you’re lucky – your teams and partners get it – they know what to do and how to do it. But even the best teams can benefit from guidance – especially when you want to introduce new ways of doing things to achieve different results.

Playbooks are an excellent way to grow expertise across your go-to-customer organization. A professionally produced playbook will drive consistency, efficiency and effectiveness so your marketing and sales teams can find new prospects and close new business, and help your service people continually delight customers. The content should be organized to increase readability and comprehension, with graphic enhancement to present a compelling look and feel and the package should be delivered in a format that your team will enjoy.

Maybe it’s time for you to push the button on execution – before your strategy dies on the playing field.

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Posted by Linda Jackson