Need New Content? Repurpose!

Pulling Teeth is Easier than Creating New ContenCompanies of all sizes, across all industries, know that the content they produce, publish and make available to customers and prospects is a key component of audience engagement.

Original content on your website and in your collateral shows expertise, shares good ideas and if done right, creates a competitive advantage in your market.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that this original content has to be constantly refreshed. To position your company as one of experts and thought leaders, you need to show expertise and prove you are thinking. Constantly.

It’s a daunting task. Getting people in your organization to take time away from their “real jobs” to write whitepapers and articles or commit to an editorial calendar for a blog is a lot like pulling teeth. In fact, pulling teeth is probably easier. (Note – Since most of us have never pulled a tooth – I asked my dentist if this is an accurate analogy. She assured me that pulling teeth is REALLY hard.)

Luckily, there is a simple solution to help overworked marketers do more with less. Find ways to repurpose the content you already have in your archives. Here’s a few ideas:

Make your whitepapers work harder

  • Make every whitepaper the source of many bite-sized bits for blog posts
  • Serialize these posts and link them together – this keeps people coming back to learn more as you publish them
  • Excerpt whitepapers and submit as articles to periodicals, industry trades and other blogs

Update your case study library

  • Interview clients from past case studies to see how your product or solution has made a difference in their organization since the case was written
  • Rewrite the stories to include impactful results – it’s faster and easier to rewrite than write from scratch
  • Feature these ‘new’ cases on your blog and in social media updates

Add new media to the mix

  • Transcribe videos to show the text version of the interview or conversation –  some people like to read, not watch – and the new written content is good for search engine optimization
  • If possible, capture video of these interviews and use that – or record the interview and post the audio file – or both! – provide a choice of multi-media formats to increase audience engagement opportunities

Finding ways to repurpose what you already have in your content library is a good idea. Most people have never seen it and those that have will likely appreciate a review. It’s a lot easier than pulling teeth.

Read more about the importance of content. It’s a favorite topic at ClearEdge. And if you are ready to repurpose and don’t know where to start, just ask us!

Posted by Linda Jackson