Elanders Sweden: Channel Programs

Elanders Printing Group Sweden“The ClearEdge sales training workshops were really great for our sales teams, helping them to  identify new business opportunities and to start thinking and working in new ways”. Magnus Sahlén, Operations Manager Digital, Elanders Sverige AB

Problem: Success in the highly competitive, fast-changing print market requires a consistent knowledgeable sales force. Elanders Printing Group (Sweden) decided their digital sales organization needed a new type of sales training workshop to help them start thinking and working in new ways in order to grow their sales teams’ productivity and to help them identify new business opportunities.

Solution: ClearEdge developed a four day course including trends in digital print, W2P and offering print online, VDP and cross media, social media and how to focus on customer value. The course content and agenda was designed to immediately help the sales people find new sales opportunities. Feedback was that the most useful parts of the course were promoting print through other media with new products that bridge print and online communication and solution selling rather than product selling.

Results: These words from Magnus Sahlén, Operations Manager Digital at Elanders, sum it up perfectly, “We are very happy with the course. The ClearEdge sales training gave us both inspiration and energy. The salespeople got increased understanding of our digital offering and how other media affects us in the printing industry, but in a positive way. The new knowledge from the sales training helped our salespeople find new business opportunities, and the immediate effect is that the sales training generated orders from several new deals”.

Posted by Linda Jackson