Don’t Leave Success to Chance

Don't Leave Success To ChanceTechnology investments come in all sizes and serve many purposes. No matter what the scale, getting a return on these investments is contingent on how the technology is deployed, both inside an organization and externally. “Buy it and they will come” is not a business-building strategy.

Technology vendors usually offer some assistance in helping their customers get started, but most are more interested in moving on to the next sale. Buyers can’t rely on vendors to provide all of the tools needed to introduce new products and services to prospects and customers.

Successful deployment requires a go-to-market plan that:

  • reinforces messaging
  • attracts new customers and deepens relationships with existing customers
  • accelerates ROI

The key steps in go-to-market plan creation can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Goals – Set concrete goals for new business and revenue generation and it will be possible to measure the effectiveness of the deployment.
  2. Audience – Geographic and demographic segmentation of the target market will allow fine tuning of the value proposition and messaging. In some cases, buyer persona development is useful to identify the appropriate communication channels.
  3. Customer engagement – With a solid understanding of who to present the offer to, what they care about and how they will best receive it, it is possible to embark on campaigns that align with organizational deployment capabilities and budgets. 

The plan then needs to be communicated internally, vetted and improved with lessons from early engagements and of course, measured for effectiveness to determine ROI.

These steps radically simplify the process – but even a simple plan is better than none.

Don’t leave success to chance when you’re looking to deploy a new technology solution. Incorporate a go-to-market strategy and put your new technology to work.

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Posted by Linda Jackson