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Sales Effectiveness

It’s like making new friends. When you first meet, conversations will be superficial. As you learn more about each other you start to discover common interests. Over time, you start to trust one another and are more open to exploring topics that are more relevant on a personal level. In business, the goal is to Read more

It’s important to think about how components of your integrated marketing strategy can help move a prospect from first touch to engagement through increased awareness. You need to forget what you learned as a kid and do a better job of talking to strangers. A name (someone on a list), becomes a contact (who knows Read more

In sailing we call it “head-in-the-boat syndrome”. Watch any America’s Cup World Series video and you’ll agree – a sailboat is a busy place in a race. The captain and crew all have their specific jobs to do and coordination is key to keep things running smoothly. Staying ahead of the competition and being prepared Read more