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Event Strategy

There’s been a dramatic change in email and voicemail etiquette these days. It used to be that when you sent a note or left a message, people would get back you within a reasonable timeframe. By reasonable, we mean the same day. Or worst case, the next day. Lately we’ve seen a disturbing trend in Read more

We’d all like to see ourselves as superstar presenters, but unfortunately, most of us fall short. Luckily, a little preparation can go a long way, and the following steps will help you on your path to stardom. Read more

We attend a lot of events and trade shows. Luckily, our days of manning the booth are gone, but when we’re supporting a client event or filling a speaking slot we still get to enjoy the experience. Aching feet aside, it can be a lot of fun to see what’s new and have a chance Read more