The Business Case for Case Studies

Outdated Case Studies80% of Corporate Websites have Outdated Customer Stories.
How do you stack up?

Prospective customers want to know who you’ve worked with and what you’ve done for them. And in this age of ‘likes’ and ‘pluses’, they expect to hear about you from people like them. People with similar business goals and challenges.

Up-to-date customer success stories will:


  • tell your story in a genuine voice
  • fuel your business development efforts
  • feed your social media strategy
  • provide measurable impact

ClearEdge Case Study Offerings: ClearEdge will lead the entire process of case study creation—from customer identification, to interviewing, writing and sign-off. Our objective viewpoint will ensure that the focus is where it needs to be–on customer benefits.

Customer Success Stories: Geared to external use and customer point-of-view oriented, these stories will highlight the impact your product or solution brings to your clients.

Peer-to-Peer Success Stories: Designed for internal use, these sales oriented pieces will inspire your sales team by showcasing sales wins.

Our multi-channel deliverables complement your digital content distribution strategy (don’t have one? ClearEdge can help with that too!) and include options for video, photography and graphic production. We can help you maximize your investment by producing webinar sessions to highlight new case studies for your sales teams or by composing social media blurbs to post on various channels or produce.

Posted by Linda Jackson