For most companies, strategy is the easy part. Either you have a team of smart executives who have a vision and know what needs to be done to put it into play – or you’ve paid a smart consulting company to help figure it out. You’ve established high level goals and clearly defined the tactical Read more

Once upon a time, there was a CEO with a very smart team. They also had a very big problem. Here they were – 2 months in to a new calendar year, two thirds of the way through the first quarter, but things were not going as expected. What could have gone wrong? They had Read more

Use playbooks for sales and marketing enablement

Playbooks get a lot of airtime these days. There are many good reasons why – playbooks can be a great way to introduce new processes, reinforce messages, provide coaching, and get everyone on the same page. If you’ve decided that a playbook is right for your organization, there are a few things you should consider: Read more