What Makes A Great Case Study?

Your clients learn from your successesDone right, a case study is an advertisement for your company, an endorsement from satisfied customers, as well as a proof source that your products or services can help people solve issues or meet challenges. And the best part is, once case studies are posted to your website, optimized for search and linked through your social media channels – they are “on” – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Great case studies position your expertise to both existing and prospective customers and are fantastic sales tools to support your team’s business development efforts.

There are three important components that make up a great case study:

  1. Relevance: Case study development should align with your marketing strategy. If you are focused on growth in a particular sector, make sure that you’ve got some cases that back up your business development efforts. When planning your case study content, make sure that you are showcasing projects and success stories that customers currently care about.
  2. Measurement: The most powerful case studies are those that measure success in quantitative terms. Showing actual numbers for improvement or engagement adds a lot of credibility and helps set expectations for how you can help clients meet their objectives. Timing is everything. You may have to wait for a new product or service to make an impact, but it’s worth it to make the case study measurable.
  3. Attribution: Case studies written about an anonymous client just don’t carry the same impact as those in which you can name the company and get a quote from a real person. It’s a good practice to secure permission up front so that you don’t waste resources developing a case study that can’t be attributed.

Once you have a relevant and attributed case study that shows the impact your product or service made to a client, you’re ready to put it to work. Future blog posts will highlight how to maximize your investment in case study development with a multi-channel distribution strategy.

For help making your case studies more meaningful, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re full of great ideas – with impact!

Posted by Linda Jackson