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Technology investments come in all sizes and serve many purposes. No matter what the scale, getting a return on these investments is contingent on how the technology is deployed, both inside an organization and externally. “Buy it and they will come” is not a business-building strategy. Technology vendors usually offer some assistance in helping their Read more

I Want You To Be Successful!

Creating a great product launch campaign is always a challenge. Making it work globally and across sales channels adds extra complexity. Getting the sales force to pay attention is the holy grail. Impossible? We think not. When one of our clients came to us looking for a fun and interesting campaign that could roll out Read more

It’s important to think about how components of your integrated marketing strategy can help move a prospect from first touch to engagement through increased awareness. You need to forget what you learned as a kid and do a better job of talking to strangers. A name (someone on a list), becomes a contact (who knows Read more