Integrated Marketing Strategy – Defined

We want our client’s marketing activities to have a greater impact on their sales results. That’s our holy grail. The raison d’etre of why we do what we do. Getting sales and marketing to work together and produce bottom line results requires an integrated marketing strategy. Here’s a simple definition of what we mean by that.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

An integrated marketing strategy is one that:

  • aligns with and supports overall business objectives of the organization
  • addresses the right segments of a defined target market with clear messaging and mix of initiatives
  • is executed through off and on-line activities that reinforce the messaging to all stakeholders and constituents using appropriate mediums
  • is continually measured, evaluated and revised if necessary to support the achievement of corporate objectives

An integrated marketing strategy must drive business impact. An aligned strategy is conscious of customer needs, wants and dreams. An aligned strategy turns customer insight into market impact to drive profitability, allowing you to make smart tactical marketing investments where you can grow the business.

In some organizations that have reached a critical mass and level of maturity without a formal integrated marketing strategy, it is best to consider a phased approach to implementation. Analogous to changing the tires on a car moving at speed down the freeway, it is a difficult, but not impossible, exercise.

The good news is that there is no need to stop what’s already in progress. Current sales and marketing initiatives can continue while the new integrated strategy is defined and planned. With the basic foundation of a clear value proposition and well-crafted messaging, new initiatives or campaigns be rolled out to one or two key projects or events on a pilot basis – and then phased in over time on subsequent initiatives.

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Posted by Linda Jackson